Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow Day = Sew Day in Lake Tahoe

Woke up today to 2 feet of new snow on top of the 3 feet we got in the past few days.  The snow from earlier this week was light, which made it easier to shovel.  However, last night's snow is heavy and wet.  Jerry made a path from the front door to our truck at home so I could get out there and clean off the truck. Of course, when you clean 2 feet of snow off of your vehicle, it all goes on the freshly shoveled driveway, so you get to shovel some more.

All 4 doors of the truck were frozen shut, so after some pushing, pulling, hitting, and kicking, Jerry was able to get the front 2 doors open, but the back 2 doors remained adamant about staying frozen shut.  Not to worry, however, they did indeed come open while we were driving to the shop. We then pulled into the Safeway parking lot to close them.  Then they didn't want to close.  They were sneaky, though.  Jerry seemingly slammed the doors shut, got back in the car, but the "door open" warning light was on.  We turned around and saw that the doors had come open again.  Again, Jerry got out and slammed the doors shut.  This little game only went on for a couple of times, they Jerry showed them who was boss.

Back out on the road toward the shop, we were apparently driving too slow for an anxious snow-boarder behind us.  Evidently we were cutting into his boarding time.  So he sped up and passed us, only to catch his wheels on the center berm (in South Lake Tahoe the snow is plowed toward the center of the highway...makes it hard to make a left turn during snowstorms, but there's always 1 brave soul who tries to cut a path in the berm with their little Subaru or the like, only to get stuck until someone helps them dig out...but I digress..)and then he did 2-1/2 spins from the center of the highway over to the side, got his car aimed in the right direction and sped off.  Fortunately, he didn't hit anyone or roll over.  Probably thought he was on an "E-Ticket Ride" at Disneyland (ok, I'm showing my age now).

Above are a couple of pictures taken from the window of our upstairs classroom toward the lake.  It's still cloudy and snowy so you can't really make out the lake.  The bottom photo is taken from inside the truck toward the front of our house.

So if your weather is anything like ours, today is a great day to stay inside and sew.  However, if you find yourself in need of supplies or company, come on down to see us. The parking area and driveway are plowed, the heat is on, and the coffee is hot.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shop Hop Survey

We're in the planning stages of the Sierra 2 Sage Quilt Shop Hop coming up September 8-11, 2011 and want your opinion. We'd appreciate it if you would take a minute to answer the short survey below.

1.  What type of shop hop project do you prefer?
a.  Each participating shop makes a different quilt and sells fabric kits for it;
b.  Each participating shop makes the same quilt design using different fabrics and sells fabric kits for it;
c.  Each participating shop makes a sampler quilt with each shop in charge of a different block and a different finishing kit (ie, each shop uses all of the sampler blocks in their quilt but with unique layouts and DIFFERENT fabrics). Each shop would give away the pattern for their particular block and sell fabric kits for their entire quilt.
d.  Each participating shop makes a sampler quilt with each shop in charge of a different block and different finishing kit as in "c" above, but all shops using the SAME fabrics.  Each shop would give away the pattern for their particular block and sell fabric kits for their block and their finishing kit.
e.  Project doesn't matter.
2.  If you have attended our Sierra 2 Sage Shop Hop in the past, what can we do to improve your experience? (We changed the weekend to help eliminate the traffic issues of 2010)

3.  If you have attended ANY shop hops, what was your favorite and least favorite experiences?

We appreciate you taking the time to respond to this short survey.  Please feel free to give us your comments, as your opinion is very important to us and will help to make the upcoming Sierra 2 Sage Shop Hop experience the best ever!

You can respond to this blog or send us an email to  For more detail on dates and times of the 2011 Shop Hop, please visit the shop hop website at  Thank you!!