Sunday, January 27, 2013


One of my customers recently showed me her pinwheel block, which she referred to as her "F" block in anticipation of the grade she felt she would receive from her friend who is teaching her to quilt.  She pointed to the center of the pinwheel where her points didn't match perfectly.

When I looked at the block I told her I thought it was an "A" block.  The initial look of shock on her face gave way to a smile as I pointed out the perfect points on her flying geese that made up the pinwheel.

So rather than look at what she did well, she focused on an imperfection in her block.  How often do we as quilters do that?  How many times have we shared one of our quilts with a fellow quilter and said "just don't look too closely" or "I had to rip that block apart 8 times."  How often do we say "Look at how well I finished the binding" or "I'm pleased with how the quilt turned out"?   Why are we so concerned with perfection?

Quilting is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby.  We often refer to it as "therapy."  However, we are quick to apologize for an imperfect seam when we share our work.  Do we really think the recipient of our lovingly made quilt cares if we have perfect points when he or she is wrapped up in it on a cold winter night?

For 2013 I challenge quilters (including myself) to not be so hard on ourselves and only point out the "good stuff" in our quilts.  Let's also be supportive of each other by pointing out only the "good stuff" in everyone else's quilts, too!   

Happy Quilting!

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  1. How true that is - I have done it many times most people look at a quilt and say how beautiful they are not going to know where the flaws are. Why do our eyes go right to it!!!! We need to enjoy what we have created not look at the flaws. Maybe if we looked at people that way we would be happier!